Smooth as Silk EYELINER

I’ll never forget the day I went to put my eyeliner on & my eyelid slid over with the pencil – it was horrifying and I knew, right then and there, I was getting OLD!

I secretly sought out an eyeliner that would glide across my eyelid without pulling the excess (ok, saggy-like) eyelid skin along, too… and years later, I have found such an eyeliner!

Introducing the Butter | London brand of cosmetics’ eye pencil:


I’m a brown fan… I feel like it’s not as harsh as jet black, but not that I’m calling any of you out there that wear black harsh names or anything… I’m just saying, I like brown. 😉

The liner comes in Steel Gray, Olive Green, Cornflower Blue, Chocolate Brown, Jet Black, Taupe Shimmer, Aubergine Crème, Off White Cream, and Blue-Green Shimmer.

You can peruse all their products on their website.  Give yourself some time – there are tons of yummy goodies out there!


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