10 years of Dave Ramsey

My husband has been trying to beat it into my head for the 10 years we’ve been together… DAVE RAMSEY!

“Beans & Rice, Rice & Beans”

“Cash is King”


I’m finally on board.  His radio show podcast is on the TUNEIN app on my iPhone and it’s motivational to hear these people call in with what seems to be the most ridiculous financial stories – most of them make me think, “I don’t ever want to be in those shoes!” So, I’m finally on board!

Show me the envelope system, Dave!

There’s also a nifty budget program online, http://www.EveryDollar.com and it’s handy as an app on my iPhone, too!

You can visit all the neat-o products that Dave has to offer by visiting his website, http://www.DaveRamsey.com

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