Apple Watch | iWatch

I’m an APPLE fan!  I love Mac products!

Once ya go Mac, ya never go back!  I heard someone say that once… or, at least that how I think it goes… 🙂

And I waited MONTHS for the Apple Watch to come out!  February 2015, it arrived.

The options… ugh… what a disappointment.  Silver aluminum $350, Stainless Steel was more, and the 18K Gold was a whopping $17,000 – yep!  I did not typo that sucker… it’s $17,000!

But I like GOLD!  It’s MY color.  It matches my mixed-blood skin tone.  Ya see, I’m ½ Mexican, ½ Caucasian.  I tan orange and gold looks better on my skin than silver, no matter what metal is IN STYLE, I’m a stick-with-gold kinda gal.

So, when mid-October rolled around and I received an email from Apple that the new styles of watches were NOW available, I almost screamed out when I saw this baby:

Apple Watch | Gold Aluminum
Apple Watch | Gold Aluminum

Oh yeah… gold aluminum… she’s beautiful!  Although, I decided on the 38mm, it was still a bit large to begin.  I went from not wearing a watch at all, to this honker of a device strapped to my wrist.  But, it’s been a few weeks now and I think it’s a great size.  I love it!  It tracks my exercise, or ha hum my lack of it.  It shows me alerts and my lazy ass doesn’t have to pull my iPhone out of my pocket to view them.  It can call my husband on a voice command and text my sister with a “Hey Suri, text Jaclyn!”  I could even send my bestie my heart beat from across the country, only if she had her very own Apple Watch!  hint, hint...

I love Apple and I’m not going back!

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