Iron | It’s not just for tired people!

So, I go to the doctor because I feel like I’m LOSING MY MIND!  I was mad at everybody, everything and so obviously irritated I could feel it in my fingertips!

And the doc suggested an anti-depressant.

I don’t want to be on an anti-depressant, I feel like there’s something wrong & I want to get to the root of the problem, so I contact my trusted health guru, Maria Emmerich from KETO ADAPTED.  She suggests I have a list of blood work drawn.

B-12, Ferritin (for Iron), Vitamin D, and Full Panel Thyroid with Antibodies

So, the first doctor I went to requesting these tests told me, there was no reason (because I wasn’t complaining of being tired) to do a Ferritin test, and she would run a Full Panel Thyroid, but there was no apparent need for her to run it with Antibodies.

WOW!  A doctor is standing IN MY WAY, when it comes to me trying to figure out my health issues!  I was furious, after the shock wore off!

So, I found another doc.  A nurse practitioner, actually.  She ran all the tests, but guess what?  The tests all came back NORMAL.  My levels were smack-dab in the middle of all the lows & highs that consider me “in the normal range,” so, you’re fine – here’s an anti-depressant.

I then ask my trusted health guru to examine my results and my FERRITIN level was NOT NORMAL.  Yep, that’s the test the first doc wouldn’t even consider running!

I was low and significantly low, so it was recommended that I take a liquid iron for three months & retest:


Three days, yes THREE WHOLE DAYS (when I’d been going CrA-cRa for 18 months!) and the fog was lifted, my irritation level minimized, my crazy world was coming back to normal – all because I was low in iron!

Lesson 1.  Trust your instincts

Lesson 2.  Do NOT let anyone stand in the way of you controlling YOUR BODY’s health

Lesson 3.  Find a trusted health guru who knows their sh!t

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