I have been wanting to blog for years now.  I’ve started a couple of them, only to delete them after a while… I kept thinking, “How do I want to say it?”  Not so much what to say, I have lots to say, it might not be worth a shit, but I have stuff to say… I like to share the latest & greatest thing I’ve found, or a quote I’ve heard, or something crazy that’s happened in my life, and I’ve resorted to sharing it on Facebook, which is fine, but then I think, what I really want to do is journal – but “Who’s going to give a crap about reading MY journal?”

So, I’ve decided, I’m not journaling for everyone, I’m journaling for me.

The thing about journaling for me, is I’ve always been afraid of writing it down.  What if I say something so revealing that it hurts people’s feelings or gets someone in trouble?  What if my journal is found & my secrets are opened wide open?  What if I just journal about things that are simple & won’t cause any issues – why the hell would I bother, then?!?!?  Not that I’m out to hurt people, but I’m all about being honest.  And frankly, sometimes honesty hurts.

I’m vowing to be honest & as forthcoming as I am in person.  I want to finally write down my thoughts, honest feelings and beliefs.  I want to get excited about the latest things I’ve found and share them here, so whomever finds this blog interestingly enough to read – they’ll get some insight into this restless, crazy, fun-loving spirit of mine.  And hopefully, along the way, I won’t piss anyone off.  eeeeek

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