Photo Credit: Michele Pierce 9/3/06

On January 7, 2016, I turned the ripe ol’ age of forty ~ and I freaked out!  Like mid-life crisis freaked out!

I can’t deny I’m older, but am I any wiser?  Hell, I don’t know, I’d like to think maybe, yes… I’ve made enough mistakes to learn from, and I preach them to the younger, in hopes they listen.  Will they?  Probably not.  I didn’t always…

I read a book, “The Rainbow Comes & Goes” by Anderson Cooper & Gloria Vanderbilt where the imaginative Vanderbilt says, “When I am unhappy or dissatisfied, I recall what Virgil wrote, ‘Perhaps some day it will be pleasant to remember even this.'”  She said, “It gives pause, doesn’t it?  Whenever you’re restless or miserable, if you can imagine that at some point you may look back on that moment fondly, it may make the present more bearable.  Even what appears to be a terrible problem may in the future turn out to be a positive change.  You just never know.”

In one single read, that statement changed my outlook on life.  Things like that have been happening to me, a lot lately.  I see the way people engage with one another, I read a quote, I have an epiphany… and my life changes from that moment on…  Is that what getting wiser means?  I hope so.

The creative mind of Vanderbilt continues on to say, “For all its negative aspects, this restless spirit can, at times, be a blessing.  It is the appetite for life that continues to keep one young and alive.  It is the key to inspiration that fuels imagination & creativity.”

I am a restless spirit.  My best friend agreed, “Never satisfied ~ Your restless spirit is your constant companion.”  She’s right & it often drives me crazy!  I want to be settled and yet, I’m never quite there…  (She also said, “…and maybe it’s what gets you on a plane every few months…so it’s one of my favorite things about you.)  Thank goodness she feels THAT way!

I have a profound sense of taste (which does nothing flattering for my figure), smell (florals send me to another place while stinkiness makes me gag), touch (the softest of materials has me fondling leathers, silks, high thread-count cottons), sight (definitely helps with my photography skills), and lastly, hearing (I lost some of it in my right ear, which makes me acutely aware of what I can hear in my left), and all these senses as strong as they are, have me particular about my things ~ I like things & choose things specifically to satisfy my senses.

I live in the country on a horse & cattle ranch in Texas.  I’m married to a cowboy; yep, a real Texas Cowboy.  I like to travel, meet new people and find new things.  I like to read self-help books and I’m learning how to be healthy, in all aspects (food, cosmetics and household cleaners).  I’m on a journey of health, wealth, happiness and appreciation.  I’m learning to eat healthy, take vitamins, use essential oils, wear makeup & lotions that don’t have toxins, budget money & time, and most of all, I’m continuing to try to be a better person, every day.  It’s been a crazy journey, and I’m ready to reflect on it, through my journaling.  Yeehaw!

Photo Credit: Ross Hecox with Western Horseman Magazine 2014
Photo Credit: Ross Hecox with Western Horseman Magazine 2014

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